"Horse", "industry leader horse Vehicle Co. Ltd Taizhou Power debut exhibition

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In March 10, 2016, the thirteenth China Taizhou electric vehicle and parts exhibition was held in Taizhou Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition center. Dedicated to motorcycle, car batteries, a vehicle in Taizhou City, Zhejiang province unveiled the whole car plastic parts, frame, lamps, iron, lamps, electrical appliances, instruments, cushions and other products of professional production and processing of the sensation. A bicycle has a complete and scientific quality management system. And to the integrity, strength and quality of products to obtain the unanimous approval of the industry. So a car once appeared to attract the attention of many dealers and the media from all walks of life. In the industry, the competition is so fierce, only to the quality of product quality and product design in order to keep pace with the times in the fierce industry competition advantage position, a vehicle with the strength of future achievements worthy of our admiration.
In this exhibition hall design with refined atmosphere highlights the enterprise's own excellent quality sense of science and technology. The staff on the spot are full of spirit, welcome every dealer who come to visit and consult with a positive attitude. Hot spot atmosphere attracted a large number of media attention. The media coverage of a vehicle, a visible strength and extraordinary popularity.

In the market of electric vehicles and accessories matures today, only the excellent product quality and dare to innovate practice quality can survive in a round of waves. A vehicle with the most excellent quality of products and the most excellent cost-effective products to win market recognition. A horse, a horse that choice is our constant choice!